So you have something to say. Great!

info at codearbor dot com

Please be aware of the following before getting in touch:

  • We will not help you debug your project.
  • If you're writing about code in a snippet in one of our technical articles or in one of the companion projects on GitHub, we ask that you open an issue for the repo on GitHub.
  • If you have a question or comment on a blog post or technical article, we ask that you use the commenting system.
  • We rarely respond to unsolicited business proposals and we flag the second and all subsequent contact from a person or company soliciting business as spam.
  • We are not interested in candidates from 3rd-party recruiters.
  • It may be several days before we turn our attention to the info@ inbox.
  • If you are a prince of some kind we congratulate you on being wellborn, but we are not interested in helping you reclaim any part of your fortune.

Not withstanding the above, we're eagerly anticipating your correspondence. We promise to give our rapt attention to every word. Really.